[Listen] Michelle Malkin – Weasel Lamar Alexander Must Be Defeated, The Next Pro Amnesty Eric Cantor to Go Down


Michelle Malkin gets together with Laura Ingraham on her radio program and discusses the political prospects and track record of the current RINO Tennessee Senator, Lamar Alexander. Both agree the proper way to characterize Alexander is through the use of the term “weasel.”

Malkin describes Alexander as “one of the biggest double talking weasels and beltway barnacles out there,” particularly on illegal immigration and common core.

She says “there really is a common thread, where you get these Washington establishment republicans who have been encrusted in big government for so long they are completely deaf dumb and blind to what their grassroots constituents are saying.”

Describing Alexander as “someone who has been an enabler for so long” on illegal immigration, she contrasts his record with that of his opponent, Joe Carr, who has battled his own party against illegal alien sanctuary policies and illegal alien drivers licenses.

Laura Ingraham points out that Alexander missed a key vote last week on legislation which was sponsored by Senator Jeff Sessions to rein in Obama on executive actions on amnesty. He couldn’t be there to vote on behalf of the American people as he was tied up at a fundraiser sponsored by his real employers at the Chamber of Commerce.

They also discuss the history of Lamar Alexander as Secretary of Education and his instrumental role in bringing the American people the common core centralized education and indoctrination mechanisms.

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