[Listen] Mark Levin – Who The Hell Put Al Sharpton In Charge of What’s Right and Wrong?


Mark Levin takes note of the fact that there are no Republican leaders present at the Michael Brown funeral, but that there is plenty of the high profile Democrat presence to be seen.

He comments on the inappropriate nature of using a funeral as the platform for promoting an agenda, personal bias and politics or whatever,

He recommends that people “let the system play out, leave the prosecutor alone, stop making public statements and see what the grand jury does. We have a process in place, that’s intended to protect people” of every color.

Levin says, “And if the result isn’t what you demand, it doesn’t mean justice failed. It’s ridiculous.” He goes on to ask, “Who the Hell put Al Sharpton in charge of what’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad, what’s just and injust? He’s like the last guy in the line you’d want to pick.”

He continues saying, “So when did it happen that Al Sharpton, who has the ‘president’s’ ear, who has the Attorney General’s ear, could decide what incidents require national attention and dictate the outcome? The Hell is that?”

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