[Listen] Mark Levin Shreds Racist Hispanic Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Despot Obama


Speaking to the comments of Luis Gutierrez of wanting to get as many illegals as possible “legal” residence in the United States, by hook or by crook, Levin says, “Listen to this schmuck.”

Absolute evisceration of our immigration laws, the rule of law period, our sovereignty, our border. Because race means everything to Luis Gutierrez, it’s first, second and third. That’s all it is.”

Levin addresses how most Latinos in the U.S. don’t even support illegal immigration, but the “’Latino Martin Luther King Jr.’ doesn’t even care because for him, it’s politics through and through.”

Levin continues saying, “And he’s so proud he has access to the White House, let me tell you something Luis, everybody has access to this White House.” He notes that “If Al Sharpton has access to the White House, it’s not such a big deal, pal.”

As for the illegal illegal alien amnesty, Levin says, “He’s been told it’s coming, one of the greatest acts of despotism in the modern presidency and this guy’s giddy.”

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