[Listen] Mark Levin – Message to Coward Obama, Foley Beheading “An Act of War Dammit!”


Mark Levin takes aim at the pathetic group response that isn’t a response within the Obama White House operatives to the beheading of James Foley.

On all sides they are pretending that it is no big deal, things like this happen. Empty words such as we and our “allies,” a coalition or any other claim that can be used to replace action with words are not enough to escape the wrath of Levin.

He points out the tepid and meaningless response as defended by State Dept. mouthpiece Marie Harf, who he calls a “paper-pushing fool.”

He informs her that what happened is “an act of war, dammit!” She continues that “this is not about the United States and what we do. This is about countries in the region coming together.”

Mark Levin point out that they are at war with us and her statement is meaningless drivel. He also mentions the current and regular location of the occupant of the White House, a golf course as well as his joking immediately after giving a speech on the beheading are not lost on the terrorists. They know he isn’t serious.

Levin closes his excellent rant saying, “Good Lord, I tell you what; two bad elections and look what’s happened to us as a people. Look what’s happened to us. Look what’s happened to the country. Look what’s been done to the presidency. Look what’s been done to our government. Look what’s being done to our military. Look what’s being done to our border. Look what’s being done to our economy… Two Friggin Elections!”


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