[Listen] Mark Levin – GOP Establishment Bought and Paid For by U.S. Chamber of Commerce


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobbies on behalf of big business. They represent the interests of big business. One way in which they do so is in the form of campaign financing. In the opinion of Mark Levin, they have successfully bought and paid for the Republican Party establishment and the GOP elites no longer represent conservatives. It’s been a long time since they did.

He quotes a Breitbart article in which their support of four pro-amnesty Democrat candidates who is exposed.

Levin says that Republicans need to understand that the Chamber of Commerce is run by a chameleon, Thomas Donohue. Levin points out how Donohue “supported the stimulus, he defends major parts of obamacare, he supports massive deficit spending each and every year, he supports raising the debt limit, he supported TARP. He is a big government Statist; he is a crony capitalist of the worst kind.”

He’s poured huge sums of money into contests aimed at defeating traditional Reagan conservatives, Tea Party conservatives.

He points out how now that the Republicans have “defeated” the Tea Party and have the candidates they wanted, they are in trouble, because they don’t stand for anything.

Levin argues that you can’t build a coalition by cheerleading. You must stand for something that matters to people. The Republican establishment does not.

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