[Listen] Former Bush AG Gonzales – Use Pelosi Method on Illegals, Pass a Bad Bill To See What Happens


If these government types are so smart, why do they say and promote such utter stupidity? Then again, it might not be stupid from a globalist, “fundamentally transforming America into a Grande’ Socialist Latin America perspective.”

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was a guest on the Laura Ingraham show during which he recommended that Congress pass amnesty in order to see how it would be enforced.

He said they shouldn’t be concerned with Obama not enforcing the laws, that citizenship should be included and we should all just worry about what happens next after it’s too late to do anything about it.

Gonzales said there are “certain undocumented immigrants that are in this country now that can be productive to our economy” who should be allowed to remain in the country. That’s illustrative of a major problem we have in this country. Productivity is viewed by those at the top of America’s “justice” system to be sufficient to excuse lawbreaking and with amnesty, is offered as justifying the granting of those lawbreakers a “right” to citizenship.

In many countries, violating immigration laws is an impediment to obtaining citizenship or residency. Those are countries which still value an orderly society ruled by reason and a respect for the laws passed by their legislative bodies.

Gonzales was asked upon what basis he believed that Hussein Obama would not selectively enforce the provisions of any immigration reform plan and grant blanket amnesty. Gonzales dodged to the left and responded that America hasn’t yet been able to “test” how such a bill would be reformed.

Since when did it become accepted by attorneys general that executives would partake in the reform of laws created by Congress? The president is supposed to faithfully execute the laws as written. As a former attorney general, Gonzales is well aware of that narrowly defined duty, but he doesn’t seem to care. Maybe he’s been onboard the La Raza train to a Latin American America all along and is just continuing to fulfill his duties as their high profile, “trustworthy” salesman.

Gonzales, borrowing what passes for logic from Democrat Nancy Pelosi said, “Congress needs to pass a bill and present it to the president, and then we can have this kind of discussion.” He said, “The fact that the president doesn’t do his job, hasn’t done his job, doesn’t excuse Congress from doing theirs.”

Actually it does encourage them to be diligent in protecting the American people, Alberto. We are the citizens of this country who elected Congress to represent them, to act in their interest. Not a predisposed ethnic interest, but a citizen, America-first interest, irrespective of ethnic background or race.

It seems Mr. Gonzales’ open border stripes are showing through his Republican disguise. There’s no surprise there, his views are consistent with the policies of his former boss, the North American Union-promoting globalist, George W. Bush.

It was under his administration that the wheels of what Obama is doing today were set in motion. The U.S. Border Patrol first became obvious targets under Bush, with agents Compean and Ramos spending two years in solitary confinement for the “crime” of defending their nation.

The problem of subversives in our government working to undermine our nation is not new and it is not restricted to the current regime. We’ve transitioned from a folksy, good old boy to an arrogant, condescending despot, but the direction has been consistent. It is also clear the problem is more pervasive than most Americans were aware of.

There are countless individuals working from within and without to undermine our nation. Many of their faces are familiar.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us