[Listen] Charles Barkley Discusses Not Being “Black Enough” And More

Charles Barkley has been a wave maker since the 1980’s when this very smart, very talented black basketball player had a tendency to speak his mind and didn’t care who was offended.  As good Americans, we should appreciate that.  What all conservatives can appreciate – and honest, and realistic not-so-conservatives – is that Sir Charles has no problem joining his voice to Jonathan Gentry’s and Miss Joyce from Texas who recognize that at this time in history, the black minority is its own worst enemy.


To have street cred, one must have been arrested and this is a compliment?  Sir Charles is correct to scoff at that notion as well as the entire culture that created it.  If people are going to be successful they have to adopt the habits and behaviors that lead to success, not allow themselves to be pressured into not fulfilling their potential.

Barkley says he is glad this rejection of what is presented as black culture is coming out again.  Frankly, so are many whites.  It has been quite frustrating to watch so many promising young people go the way of the gangs when a change in behavior would result in a productive member of society.

Good for you, Sir Charles.  Glad to hear you speak out.

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