Las Vegas Sheriff Targeting Bundy Again, “They Stepped Over That Line, There Are Consequences”


Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff Doug Gillespie has been laying low for a while, letting things cool off. Public attention has turned to other things and away from Cliven Bundy, Harry Reid and the BLM mercenaries.

Gillespie recently emerged from the safe confines of his rock, proclaiming once again that Cliven Bundy must bear responsibility for the standoff earlier this year. It’s the same logic as charging those who are beaten by police with assaulting an officer.

Gillespie told the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board on Thursday that he had warned Bundy prior to the standoff in April that any protests had to be peaceful. Bundy was even provided enclosures in the desert called free speech zones, effectively speech-free zones in which he and his supporters could demonstrate as loud as they chose, without the risk of anybody hearing their grievances.

In spite of Harry Reid’s commands, Bundy chose not to go stand in the corner as the BLM confiscated his cattle.

Gillespie said, “If you step over that line, there are consequences to those actions. And I believe they stepped over that line. No doubt about it. They need to be held accountable for it.”

He isn’t just pointing fingers at the Bundy’s. He’s also blaming the BLM for escalating the situation in spite of his advice to wait to begin the roundup.

Gillespie portrays himself as the voice of reason; speaking of a meeting he had with Bundy family members in the weeks prior to the failed roundup. Gillespie told his audience, “I came back from that saying, `This is not the time to do this.’ They said, `We do this all the time. We know what we’re doing. We hear what you’re saying, but we’re moving forward.”‘

He also said the BLM told him they had a location to move the cattle to after the roundup, which proved to be a lie.

Celia Boddington, a BLM spokeswoman, criticized Gillespie for his attacks on their agency, saying that they acted in “full cooperation” with the sheriff’s office.

She said, “It is unfortunate that the sheriff is now attempting to rewrite the details of what occurred, including his claims that the BLM did not share accurate information. The sheriff encouraged the operation and promised to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we enforced two recent federal court orders.”

She continued, “Sadly, he backed out of his commitment shortly before the operation – and after months of joint planning – leaving the BLM and the National Park Service to handle the crowd control that the sheriff previously committed to handling.”

All of the finger pointing is entertaining, but doesn’t it all get down in the end to what Harry Reid wants? If his minions are out shaking the bushes, it means that Reid is likely growing impatient and looking to get that land working for him in some way.

He might be attempting to gauge public sentiment through their reactions to Gillespie to determine if it is okay to resume his battle with Bundy. Who better to get your message out than a group of local editors?

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit