[Watch] Krauthammer – Obama Micro-Managing, Approving Each Air Strike like LBJ in Vietnam


Charles Krauthammer compares the Obama approach to the ISIS intense counter-terrorism action, also known by the term war by everyone in a reality-based world, to the way Lyndon Johnson handled Viet Nam.

Krauthammer points out that Johnson also directed air strikes from the White House and that there is universal agreement that it was a catastrophe. Johnson had much more experience at the time than Obama does.

He says, “Obama, with zero experience, having gone against the Secretary of Defense, generals on Iraq and on Syria to a disastrous effect is going to be in charge of the air campaign? That’s really scary stuff.”

It’s scary and destined for failure. The reason why Obama has found himself at odds with military experts is that they know what they are doing and he does not. If he were an advisor, nobody would waste a second out of their day asking his opinion.

As it is, they are being overruled and lives placed at risk by an unqualified, arrogant narcissist who has a much grander opinion of himself and his abilities than the reality warrants.

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