Kind Act From Cops; Sharpton And Holder Won’t Talk About That…

image                                            When police officer William Stacy got a call about a woman stealing eggs, he surprised her with an amazing act of kindness. Stacy explained that after receiving the shoplifter call, he made contact with Helen Johnson in the store parking lot. Mrs. Johnson told officer Stacy that she needed the eggs to feed two hungry children. Tell the president he didn’t shoot her, he went in the store and bought her the eggs. Officer Stacy bought the eggs and went back and bought more groceries. He said you can’t let kids go hungry,and her kids were hungry. Stacy said he’s happy to shed a different light on police officers, who have had their share of negative attention recently. “We do have heart and we do care about the public … We’re here to protect and serve and that’s what we do.”

This is a true picture of police officers in America. Our men and women of law enforcement come in every color and religion. They make a fraction of what the race baiters in Washington are making. While our men and women of law enforcement are out protecting us, Al Sharpton is preaching hate trying to divide us. Obama decided to talk about white cops who defend themselves. Maybe he can take time to talk about white and black people who love and respect one another. The real race problem today are the race baiter’s in DC telling us things are bad. Millionaires who haven’t gone without a meal and have no idea what it is to struggle. God bless the men and women of law enforcement who put it on the line each and everyday… Semper Fi America, Shep

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