Just Say No To “Green” Wind Turbines. They’re Killing The Environment


Remember the whole “green energy” snow job and the realities the American government and manufacturers of “renewable” energy equipment are trying to finesse.  You know, dead bats and eagles, infrasound…how little energy the turbines produce for the amount of money invested in them.  The Department of Energy slush fund?

They thought we’d forget that getting a freedom loving people to give up cheap, easy energy sources was a matter not of honesty, but of stealth marketing and advertising, half-truths and outright obfustication, as well as having an honest to God venture capital slush fund within the Department of Energy for market losers that otherwise can’t find venture capital and never seem to make a profit.

The latest sales pitch to the American people defending “green” energy and the wind turbines that now litter American plains and countryside that used to be beautiful and picturesque landscapes is a matter of going on offense by the people who stand to profit from “green” energy.  The sales vehicle?  A slick, full fledged marketing campaign for Siemens, the German manufacturer of the big white eyesores, produced by Ogilvy & Mather, one of the most expensive and prestigious advertising agencies in the world.  Check out the full length television spot:


Note, that the wind produced a sedate waltz, not something more vigorous like the Overture to any Rossini opera.  (Think the Lone Ranger Theme.)  THAT would be impressive. 

As Mary Kay Barton at Somewhat Reasonable points out, it’s what is NOT in the ad campaign that the American people need to know:

  • Due to the expense to the populace, Germany – once the world’s jump in feet first without considering the consequences leader in “green” energy – is abandoning the concept and returning to cheaper energy sources.
  • The market in Europe is drying up for green and renewable energy sources, so the manufacturers of the equipment are looking to the US as a way to pad earnings which have fallen off in recent months.
  • Among the deals made with renewable energy companies by the U.S. Federal Government are 30-year permits to kill eagles, a federal crime for anyone else in the country.
  • And then there was this gem:  As Warren Buffett recently admitted, “We get tax credits if we build lots of wind farms.  That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

No other reason, huh.  Well if that wasn’t a Freudian slip by the Oracle of Omaha, I don’t know what is.

Back in August, this writer published a piece on a debilitating side effect of wind turbines to humans – and wildlife –  called infrasound.

Webster’s Dictionary defines infrasonic, or infrasound, as “1: having or relating to a frequency below the audibility range of the human ear. 2: utilizing or produced by infrasonic waves or vibrations.”


Infrasound is especially dangerous, due to its strong vibrations, or oscillations. Infrasound waves hug the ground, travel for long distances without losing strength, and are unstoppable. Not much amplitude is needed to produce negative effects in the human body, and even mild infrasound exposure requires several hours, or even days, to reverse symptoms.

The piece outlines research done by the American military on using infrasound as a weapon.  Symptoms of infrasound being in one’s vicinity are nausea, disorientaion, vertigo, skin tingling, anxiety, fatigue and a whole lot more.  According to several sources, quite a number of people who live within the vicinity of wind farms are experiencing these symptoms at an alarming rate.

Which begs the question, if there is no reason other than tax credits to build the darn things, why are we stuck with them?

To make matters even more egregious, the raw materials necessary to produce these “green” energy machines are being exploited by unscrupulous greed mongers at the expense of local environments and ecosystems in places where the people have absolutely no recourse:

On the outskirts of one of China’s most polluted cities, an old farmer stares despairingly out across an immense lake of bubbling toxic waste covered in black dust. He remembers it as fields of wheat and corn.


Yan Man Jia Hong is a dedicated Communist. At 74, he still believes in his revolutionary heroes, but he despises the young local officials and entrepreneurs who have let this happen.


‘Chairman Mao was a hero and saved us,’ he says. ‘But these people only care about money. They have destroyed our lives.’


Vast fortunes are being amassed here in Inner Mongolia; the region has more than 90 per cent of the world’s legal reserves of rare earth metals, and specifically neodymium, the element needed to make the magnets in the most striking of green energy producers, wind turbines.  SOURCE – Daily Mail

Oops.  Communist blindness aside, that’s not environmentally friendly.  If anything, it sounds like the soullessness western capitalists are accused of.  Poisoning the local people and not caring.

These statements are about the exploitation of Mongolia for its natural resources in the name of a self-righteous environmentally sound Britain, but with Siemens and other wind farmers setting their sights on the Great Plains of the United States, this could easily be said about whoever is enabling “green” energy in America:

…the distinctly dirty truth about the process used to extract neodymium: it has an appalling environmental impact that raises serious questions over the credibility of so-called green technology.


The reality is that, as Britain flaunts its environmental credentials by speckling its coastlines and unspoiled moors and mountains with thousands of wind turbines, it is contributing to a vast man-made lake of poison in northern China. This is the deadly and sinister side of the massively profitable rare-earths industry that the ‘green’ companies profiting from the demand for wind turbines would prefer you knew nothing about.


Hidden out of sight behind smoke-shrouded factory complexes in the city of Baotou, and patrolled by platoons of security guards, lies a five-mile wide ‘tailing’ lake. It has killed farmland for miles around, made thousands of people ill and put one of China’s key waterways in jeopardy.

All in the name of being “green.”

Oh, the irony.  To actually save bats, eagles, the Mongolian countryside and picturesque vistas all over the world, we must say no to the modern version of “green” and “renewable” energy in the form of wind power.  It’s harming too much of Mother Earth.

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