[Watch] Jay Carney Still Spinning For Obama, This Time On Ebola Response


He just can’t help himself.  Answering simple questions like “Is Obama doing enough on Ebola” turns into a monologue of how the cabinet can help, not that it really does because ultimately, the people “in charge” are not the cabinet secretaries.  They certainly aren’t the people on the front lines working to contain the disease itself, nor are they the friends and family of people in the military, doctors and nurses and more who are exposed to Ebola – or any other such disease – due to the lack of decisive action on the part of the administration.

As for whether or not the government is being straight with us on Ebola and how it is spread, a blog piece from a registered nurse titled, “Ebola, a nurse’s perspective” says this:

The biggest part of the discussion is how Ebola is spread. I will say two things on the topic, no, it is not airborne, and yes, basic hygiene plays a HUGE factor. But while on the topic of whether it is or is not airborne, the definition of an airborne contagion is one that can freely float in the air, survive lengths of time, and infect someone else. VERY few things fit in this category, most have been eradicated, Small Pox, Tuberculosis, Measles. Things that are also NOT airborne, are the flu and the cold. For the flu, you have to come into direct contact with the patients body fluids. How then, do you explain why people catch it and have no idea how. Well for one, people can spread it before they show symptoms, just like Ebola, and one other HUGE factor…droplets….let that word really sink in. The virus may not be airborne, but the droplets are. I’m going to digress for a second and get back to HIV and Hepatitis, while I let droplets dwell in your mind. Everyone knows that HIV and Hepatitis are spread by blood contact, and sexual fluids, I don’t mean a drop of blood on the skin, or even a mucous membrane, it has to get INSIDE of you. This is why only gloves are required. HIV and Hepatitis are not found in urine, stool (Some forms of hepatitis are, but you have to eat the stool to get infected) saliva, sweat, tears, or mucous. This is where some viruses are different. The flu gets into your mucous and other secretions, Ebola tends to stay in the blood, but remember, every one of your bodily fluids are full of blood now. So a person with the flu sneezes, and now millions of little droplets (remember those guys?) shoot out of their nose at nearly mach 1, all across the room, same for a cough, all it takes is a little microscopic droplet to land in your eye, nose, mouth, or the unlikely scenario of an open wound, and you’ve now been infected, because you came in CONTACT with their bodily fluids. I see the word contact thrown around a lot, but most people think of mass amounts of contact with blood, but what they don’t realize is that contact also includes microscopic mucous and saliva droplets, each one chock full of Ebola. Bacteria can survive for long periods of time without a host because they are their own organism. They can feed on just about anything and be happy. Viruses lifespan without a host is much shorter. Their goal is to infect, replicate, and spread, if they cant replicate, they die. Measles only lives 2 hours. But Ebola, depending on what data you look at, can survive for several days.

This nurse who is on the front lines of caring for the sick in this country gives a different story than the government.  This explanation is considerably more scary.  And the really infuriating part – it makes more sense.

So, who do we trust when it comes to the Ebola response and whether or not the Obama and the gang are doing enough to keep the country safe?  Definitely not the apologists and spin-maestros.  They won’t even answer objective questions with a straight response.

BTW, the nursing piece mentioned above, Ebola, a nurse’s perspective, is long, but worth the read.






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