James Woods FURY!! Calls Al Sharpton A “PIG”, And That’s Just The Beginning!



Actor James Woods has never been one to hold his tongue when it comes to…well…anything. The world is his stage and twitter is his microphone. After the killing of two police officers on Saturday, James Woods went on a twitter rampage. His first tweet said,
“In honor of all uniformed service personnel in America, say a prayer for Police Officers Liu and Ramos.” The best part is that he followed the tweet with “#TurnYourBack on #PigSharpton”.

Woods went on to tweet,
“The blood of 2 executed police officers is on the hands of Mayor de Blasio. May God bless their families and may they rest in peace,”

Woods makes the suggestion for every cop to “#TurnYourBack EVERY time DeBlasio speaks, EVERY Police Officer in sight should turn his/her back. Especially at Cops’ funerals,”

He then directed a question to Al Sharpton asking,

“Is Race Pimp Sharpton eating caviar this morning?”

He followed the tweets with a meme that speaks for itself..


He didn’t miss the chance to take a shot at Hillary either, he tweeted,

“#HillaryClinton lamented bitch slapping 911 terrorists as “torture,” but is mum on the murders of #NYPD officers. No surprise there…”
Woods has been an inspiring voice against the incessant race-baiting from politicians and the liberal media. Following Obama’s absurd “I am Trayvon” commentary last year, Woods spoke out with a tweet that read,
“Just curious. Does the President of the United States have any advice for other teenage boys in America? Wounded warriors, for example…”

Woods twitter comments have already caught the attention of Hollywood liberal nutcase, Alec Baldwin. He tweeted to James Woods saying,

“I am slightly shocked to see some of the otherwise informed people who would politicize the deaths of police officers.”
I forgot that whenever a conservative speaks the truth, it is called “politicizing”.   I’m glad James Woods is one person in Hollywood who isn’t afraid to take a stand for truth and common sense. I say, Go get em James!