Israel Says “Severe Consequences” To The Islamist Group Involved In Abducting Three…
Israel says on Sunday Hamas militants abducted three teenagers in the occupied West Bank, warning of severe consequences as it pushed ahead with a search and detained about 80 of Palestinians.

The two juveniles and a third man aged 19 vanished on Thursday night in the West Bank, where they were seminary students in a Jewish settlement.

“Those involved in the abducting of our youngsters are Hamas people, Netanyahu said to his cabinet, referring to the Palestinian Islamist group that has ruled the Gaza Strip.

No one has claimed responsibility for abducting the three Israelis, and there was no immediate word from Hamas to Netanyahu’s accusations.

This will have serious consequences. At the moment we are focusing all our efforts on bringing the teens

home, Netanyahu said in broadcast remarks at the cabinet session in Tel Aviv, where he is overseeing security efforts at military headquarters.

Since the three went missing, the Israeli army has carried out house-to-house searches, round-ups and interrogations in the Palestinian city of Hebron and outlying villages.

In a statement, the military said that as part of the “effort to return the three abducted Israeli teenagers about 80 Palestinian suspects are detained in a widespread overnight operation”.

Palestinian officials put the number of people taken into custody so far by Israeli authorities at more than 100 and said they included at least seven Hamas members of the Palestinian parliament and several prisoners recently released by Israel.Israel Abduction