Islamic Groups Demand Distortion of All American Law Enforcement Training


Islamic activists and lobbyists have successfully forced the removal of uncomplimentary references to Islamic terrorists from military training programs. They also recently accomplished a similar purge of information from the FBI materials under the direction of Eric Holder.

It is a logical next step for terrorist sympathizers and support groups to attempt to build upon those successes and to expand their campaign of concealment and disinformation to police and sheriff departments across the country.

Many law enforcement agencies are already in a defensive posture when it comes to the facing the predisposition of the Department of Justice to interfere in local affairs.  In that regard, much of the work of intimidating them into complying with the pro-Islamic program has already been done.

Judicial Watch reports that the next phase of an effort to dumb-down law enforcement, to pretend the threat is different from what it actually is in the name of sensitivity, tolerance and political correctness is now under way.

A coalition of Muslim lobbyists and preference groups is demanding mandatory retraining for all federal, state and local law enforcement officials who may have been, in the past, subjected to training materials that they describe as “biased and discriminatory,” due to the natural association made between Islamic terrorists and Islam. They consider that connection, drawn as a result of the collective knowledge of terror plots in the past, to somehow be offensive, that statistics and facts have a bias.

Rather than address and attempt to correct the hateful acts performed in their names, the Muslim groups simply seek to suppress information. The direction of their efforts indicates that they see informing law enforcement of the truth about terrorism as a greater threat than the actual terrorist acts and the perpetrators themselves. It also indicates a lack of concern on the part of the Islamists with preventing future terror attacks.

The groups are demanding a cleansing of any information as to the race, ethnicity, religion or national origin of Islamic terrorists. It’s follows that the only groups to make such a demand would be one that is associated with terrorism, as no one else would take an interest. The only ones making these demands are Muslim preference and terror front groups.

But they want more than a brain washing of law enforcement personnel; they want punitive action taken against agents or officers who they deem to be discriminating or involved in the creation of “anti-Muslim” material. Anti-terrorist would be a more accurate description, but that implies a recognition on their part of the true source of the problem and invalidates their victim posturing.

They also want to hit the “offending” agencies in their bank accounts, demanding that federal funds be cut to any non-compliant departments.

The demands were made in a letter written in August to Lisa O. Monaco, the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. Among the signatories to the letter was the terrorist PR organization and front group CAIR.

The letter read in part, “Without executive branch actions, including those we recommend below, trainings that perpetuate gross stereotypes and false information about Islam and Muslims will continue to proliferate at the state and local level.”

Some truths exist. If these Muslims are legitimately offended, they should work to rein in those who commit heinous acts in their name. They could work to correct the problem rather than targeting those who seek to protect innocent people from acts committed by their fellow Muslims. They can start with those who preach hate against westerners in their mosques.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit