ISIS Is Islam! Pedophiles Of The Middle East, Keep Your Hands Off Our Kids…

image An ISIS document has emerged outlining the price of slaves in Iraq. Women of all ages are being sold as sex slaves. The most troubling part of this story is about the children being sold. Children from the ages of one to nine are fetching the highest prices. It is rumored that ISIS becomes offended when they are called pedophiles. Well, I am calling them the sickest of pedophiles. Those who are selling these babies, and those who are buying them. It’s time that President Obama stand up to these cowards.

The State Department has yet to call ISIS Islam when we know they are. They are having sex with children that are in diapers. They are pedophiles that rape little boys and girls. Any lawmaker in Washington that doesn’t adopt a stand against these sick cowards should be ashamed. Nancy Pelosi said she cares about the children of this world. Well, it’s time that our lawmakers put their money where their mouth is. ISIS has declared war on the United States. ISIS is Islam no matter what the President says.

Isn’t it time for this country to declare war on ISIS. Isn’t it time that we take a stand and start protecting these children. It’s time for us to overwhelm the phone lines in Washington. Please call your lawmakers and demand that they get something done. The next time a lawmaker holds a newborn child in their arms, they should think about that infant child in Iraq getting raped. If people of Islam are offended by pedophiles then they should do something about their pedophiles. What do you say Mr. President, are you going to do something? God bless America, Shep #Marine4Truth               image