ISIS Is Islam… Pedophiles Crossing The Border To Rape Our Children!

imageIt has been reported that Muhammad married his favorite wife when she was merely six. They say the marriage was consummated when she was 9. Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani who is a chairman of the council on Islamic ideology said that children as young as 9 are eligible to be married. As long as they are demonstrating signs of puberty of course. He also said when a child is forced into marriage, they must recite the Quran. This makes the marriage legal according to Sharia law. Islam supports pedophiles who rape and kill small children. It has been reported that ISIS members are taking on young brides. These people not only want to destroy our country, they also want to take your children as sex slaves under the pretense of marriage.

Penn State was punished because of a pedophile named Jerry Sandusky. The whole school suffered because this country hates a child molester. Child molesters would not last a day in the general population in prison. ISIS would love to get their sick hands on a prisoners kid as well. In this country, we put pedophiles in prison. It doesn’t matter if their acts were with a nine year old or a sixteen year old. They are called children for a reason, and ISIS better leave ours alone.

We have a president who clearly supports Islam. These Islamist are in support of children being forced into marriage. Just another polite way of saying it’s ok to rape small children. Well, we the people are sick of the abuse that’s taking place in the world. I hope every lawmaker takes a look at their child today. I hope Hillary takes a look at that grandchild of hers. Because if ISIS has their way they will be raping that child in a few more years. If you love your children put an end to the evil that’s taking place with these kids. God bless each and every one of you, Shep #Marine4Truth                       image