Is Nancy Pelosi On The Hot Seat With Democrats?

Nancy Pelosi

Following the “pistol-whipping” of the Democrats on Tuesday, the fourth estate talking heads have volunteered multiple times that on “deep background” said Democrats have been calling them and complaining – loudly – about leadership and how badly the campaign messaging played out for them this time around.  Most political junkies privately agree, but the story developing thanks to a Politico piece, is that the Democrats themselves are most dissatisfied with their own leadership, particularly one Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Nearly a dozen senior aides and Democratic insiders said there is a desire for a broader election message from party leaders. There are complaints about Pelosi focusing so strongly on women without a broader message that could play to other groups, such as older voters and men.


“As a party, we need to change,” another senior Democratic aide said. “[Voters] like our policies. All this leftie [talk], the country likes, but somehow the message about us as individual members of the conference isn’t breaking through. There is great unrest.”


Leaving aside voters actually “liking” Democratic policies and the leftie talk, a dozen members does not a revolt make, but it is interesting that the rank and file are not happy with Madama Pelosi and her one size fits all messaging that concentrates on a single constituency.  According to Politico and other talking heads, Democratic party loyalty is pretty much the norm, unlike Republicans who always have some faction in a state of revolt.  But, Pelosi maintains a small circle of advisors and confidants.  Many would like to see a broader range of ideas represented several of which were lost with this week’s floor wiping.

As it is, the large majority of Democrats do believe that Pelosi will retain her position.  There are, however, quite a number who are not happy about Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn remaining in the House of Representatives in perpetuity:

Also part of the frustration, senior staffers said, is that ambitious younger members see no room to move within the conference. Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland have held seats in leadership for decades, and few expect them or Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn of South Carolina to retire anytime soon.

No chance for job advancement, no way some of the younger, fresher faces will stick around.  And according to all sources that’s what the rank and file are looking for even if they won’t say it in public.

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