Iranians Protest Increase In Acid Attacks Against “Immodestly Dressed Women ” [Watch]


Photo from International Business Times

Far more impressive than anything the Ferguson protesters can muster, people in Iran are staging demonstrations against the increase in “acid attacks” on women deemed to be dressed immodestly on the streets.  In an acid attack, highly corrosive and damaging sulphuric acid is thrown on an individual, usually scaring them for life.

The Washington Free Beacon published this montage of not just the demonstrations across Iran, but still photos of women who are victims of this treatment.  Warning – the photos are graphic and disturbing. 

Acid attacks are on the upswing in Iran as at least eight women have been targeted in recent weeks and splashed with sulphuric acid.  Leaders of the Iranian resistance blame the mullahs and government.

“The mullahs’ regime that is fearful of mounting popular discontent, especially that of women and the youth, is attempting to prevent the explosion of their wrath through these brutalities and intimidation,” Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said in a recent statement on the attacks.

It is believed that the government is either encouraging or tacitly allowing the acid attacks as a form of intimidation.  It is also believed that Islamic clerics are pushing the attacks as a way to ensure compliance with Sharia law.

“Confronting mal-veiling and lovers of the West and Western culture is the duty of the State Security Forces,” Cleric Alam al-Hoda was quoted as saying in one recent Friday sermon. “The regime’s power and maintaining Sharia and religious codes is the responsibility of security forces and the commander of this force is Khamenei and we should act according to our commander’s orders.”

“Mal-veiling” is the term used by Iranian religious authorities to describe when women wear clothing which does not satisfy their standards….


“Emergence of mal-veiled women in the country is a grimace to the system… the authorities should not acquiesce to this… Mal-veiling is not a private sin that nobody should care about … If a sin manifests itself, it then involves everyone and everyone is sinful,” [Cleric Movahedi] Kermani was quoted as saying. “Therefore, necessary provisions should be adopted to eradicate the sin.”

And so the answer is to throw acid on the women?  Religion of peace indeed.

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