Insulted School Cafeteria Professionals Tell Mooch Her Food’s Yucky, Kids Hate It, Won’t Eat It


Many of us have fond memories of school cafeterias, at least those of us who are old enough to remember when they were allowed to prepare really good tasting meals that were similar to a good home-cooked dinner.

Thursdays were spaghetti day, with fresh baked rolls and sauce prepared on-site. Other days were rotated with roast beef with mashed potatoes, fried chicken, real enchiladas, and of course, fish on Friday. We had real turkey and dressing at Thanksgiving and ham before Christmas break.

The smell of the food being cooked filled the school hallways and added to the anticipation. That isn’t the case in many places anymore. Strict government guidelines and shrinking budgets are making it much harder for school cafeteria professionals to give today’s students that same type of experience. Chief among those who are tying their hands is the unelected dietary dictator, Michelle Obama.

As a result of an ever more tasteless menu and shrinking portions of food items that students simply don’t like, participation in school lunch programs is declining. Rather than take credit for that decline, Mooch is pointing the finger at those frontline cafeteria workers who must operate under her mandates. After all, as an Obama, it is unthinkable for her to actually take responsibility for failures.

The cafeteria workers, who sincerely care about the kids and the job they are doing more than they do the hurt feelings or ego of a self-appointed food fascist, sent a letter to the wife of Hussein Obama.

They made it clear that her assertions that they are derelict in their responsibility to the children they feed are not only insulting but unfounded and untrue.

Patti Montague, who is the chief executive of the School Nutrition Association (SNA), wrote in a letter to the White House, “It is offensive to America’s frontline cafeteria professionals to say that those who struggle with the national decline in school lunch participation have simply said, ‘Well, the kids like junk food, so let’s just give ’em junk food.’ Our members are not offering their students junk food.”

She went on to say, “The government continues to perpetuate the fiction that 90 percent of school cafeterias are successfully meeting the federal nutrition standards being debated by Congress. The government’s own data shows that after 30 years of steady growth, the National School Lunch Program is experiencing an abrupt decline in student participation across 49 states.”

Montague’s letter informed the White House that SNA members want relief from the “onerous regulations” which she feels, “will lead to fewer students receiving healthy school meals, more food being thrown away and many school meal programs in financial straits.”

Michelle Obama has attributed the failure of her mandates to bad marketing by the cafeterias and schools and a failure of them to fully get on board with her program. She ignores the financial impossibilities created by mandates of particular items, making them in many cases prohibitively expensive. Some items, such as whole grains, also have a limited availability.

She needs to remember that if kids don’t like what is on their plate, it’s heading for the trash. Kids won’t eat it what doesn’t taste good.

Mooch doesn’t eat the stuff she’s trying to force upon the kids, just as she and her husband don’t subject themselves to the same healthcare that they impose on the rest of us. There is one set of rules for the peasants, another for the royalty.

That is the cause of the problem. If she had to eat that stuff, the menu would be much different.

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