Insiders Say Tuberculosis Defiinetly There, A Serious Threat in Illegal Alien Processing Centers


At least a half dozen anonymous sources, which include health care professionals, at the Lackland illegal alien processing center are charging that the federal government is covering up very serious illnesses among those they seek to ultimately release into the American population.

The official count is not very alarming, probably by design. They claim of 7,000 children processed through two induction centers, there have been 119 diagnoses and treatments for lice, 22 for scabies, and one for H1N1.

Common sense demands that these excessively positive numbers be questioned. If they are hiding their operations in complete secrecy behind walls, fences and curtains and guards, how likely is it that they would then issue press releases in which they reveal everything as it relates to the most sensitive and potentially dangerous aspect of their operation? Not very, they wouldn’t.

Fox News reporter Todd Starnes has sources inside that paint a very different picture. They speak of a particularly ominous and dangerous issue that is being discovered in extremely high numbers among the detainees; tuberculosis.

Starnes said, “The amount of tuberculosis is astonishing. The nurses are telling us the kids are really sick. The tuberculosis is definitely there.”

Four teenage illegals in San Antonio, the home of the Lackland illegal alien induction center were discovered to be showing classic symptoms of TB, including spitting up blood, a constant cough and chest pain.

While the Texas Dept of State Health Services Commissioner, David Lakey, M.D., says that the state health officials have seen only three cases, Starnes learned that those were located in Austin. In the interest of future word-parsing, perhaps they had someone else look at the San Antonio cases.

BCFS is downplaying the threat level and disputing the numbers, just as they did with the scabies and head lice, claiming 119 cases total.

One nurse said of the BCFS claims, “They are lying. We treated that many kids with lice on a given day. We would put 20 kids in front of us – 10 in each row. You could see the bugs crawling through their hair.”

She continued, saying, “They had children in the infirmary that had been there several days,” the former staffer told Starnes. “You were on your feet nonstop. They had chicken pox, measles, and there was a concern strep was spreading.”

The health workers described the Lackland center as being similar to a giant orphanage, with lice and scabies rampant. Once nurse quoted said, “Lice and scabies are fixable, TB is the real problem here.”

It is becoming abundantly clear that these camps are breeding grounds for infestations. There is no containment possible under the current arrangements, only the facilitation of further disease transmission through the confined areas and repeated close contact.

The situation will continue to worsen as the infections spread and more are added to the populations.

There are indications that premature releases have begun to occur due to the overcrowding, in a triage sort of situation. Illegals infected with scabies and lice have already been turned over to the border patrol for release to ICE and held up by observant, conscientious agents. Some have undoubtedly gotten through.

The question as to why are these sick individuals being forwarded to the next custodian needs to be asked. Is the sheer volume of illegals inflicted with a variety of medical conditions creating these misdiagnoses and oversights, or is the magnitude of the Tuberculosis epidemic and other more serious afflictions creating a situation which demands that all available space be held for those patients?

Obviously, the least transparent administration in history isn’t going to tell us. We won’t know until whistle-blowers bring the wall of secrecy down or the situation becomes too big and too serious to contain.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit