In August 2 Workers Left Labor Force For Every One Hired – Still Obama Forces Amnesty


Regardless of the negative impact on Americans and our nation, Obama is determined to stuff amnesty down America’s collective throat. He is undeterred, even in the face of new, horrendous job numbers from August which reveal just how damaging his decrees will be to the American people.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) released a statement on Friday highly critical of Obama’s actions. He points out that in the face of these dismal economic conditions, Obama is committing an act of economic aggression upon millions of Americans for his own perceived political gains.

The jobs report, released on Friday, showed that the U.S. economy added a mere 142,000 jobs in August, well short of the projected 225,000.

Senator Sessions said:

“Today’s jobs report came in far below expectations,” Sessions said.

“Twice as many people left the labor force last month as found jobs, and there are now 92.3 million people outside the workforce entirely. The number of workers in the labor force has fallen by more than 7 million since President Obama took office, even though the working-age population is 13.4 million larger.

“Nearly one in three African-American teenagers are unemployed. Median household income, adjusted for inflation, is down $2,300 since 2009. Yet with millions of Americans out of work, the President persists in pushing a plan that would double the number of legal workers who can take any job throughout the economy.

“He further declares that he will issue executive actions to grant unilateral amnesty and work authorization to 5 million or more illegal immigrants. This is likewise stunningly bad policy, and is a violation of legitimate executive power. This idea has been rejected by Congress and the American people. The nation must focus directly on putting Americans and legal immigrants living here today to work, not unlawful workers.”

Senator Sessions sees the stifling of energy production and burdensome regulations as well as lax immigration enforcement as key areas where a reversal in policy could produce significant and timely economic benefits.

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