Impeachment Or Court Martial? Congress Needs To Do Something!

imageFor over two hundred years, this nation has always assumed our leaders love this country. Today we have men and women working in our government set out to destroy us. We have learned a small group of people can destroy us from within. While Obama continues to slash our military ISIS only grows stronger. We either do something immediately or wait until this war starts. Do we wait until 100 million Americans lose their lives. If this country falls the rest of the world will follow.

Our military is governed by the uniform code of military justice. Every general down to private is to conduct themselves under this standard. When you go to the headquarters of any military installation, you see pictures on the wall. At the top you have the President, Vice President, on down to your battalion commander. Well the commander-in-chief should be no different. Treason is a crime and our military should have the power to bring charges. Charges should be filed for treason and the top man in our chain of command should be arrested. My grandfather’s generation did not fight the Second World War to watch us fight the same evil.

This country belongs to God and it is our job to protect it. Every service member is held to the standards of military justice. The reality is we have people appointed to key positions who wish to hurt us. They know everything about us and are using our systems against us! The president is the commander-in-chief and top of the chain of command. We need to find out how to take care of that weak link. I am praying Washington does something fast to protect the future of this country! God bless each and everyone and may God forever bless this country… Semper Fi, Shep