Illegal Guatemalans Swamp City and School System, Rents Skyrocket – Thank a Democrat


The liberal bastion of Massachusetts is feeling the consequences of the last two elections with the arrival of a flood of Guatemalan illegals into the small, blue-collar town of Lynn. If only the fallout from the problem could be restricted to those who brought it upon all of us through their “enlightened liberalism.” Those of us who saw it coming, who sounded the alarm will suffer right along with the wanna-be elitists.

The city voted Democrat in the last four elections, with Obama capturing a 53% share in 2012. That’s a mistake they’re now paying for.

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy says they’ve got a real problem on their hands. The new resident illegals are driving education costs and home rental prices up, while forcing government services to be cut.

The mayor says the citizens of her town are afraid to speak out in public because they fear being labeled as racists, but they are concerned. She said, “They want to see it stopped. They’re glad I’m speaking up about it,” she said.

538 illegal, largely illiterate students are presently attending schools in Lynn, which is a popular destination for Guatemalans. They gravitate to places where they have friends or family, a policy reinforced by the infamous phone contacts that ICE uses to determine the illegals’ placement location.

Home land Security won’t share information as to the background of the illegals the school and community is forced to absorb. Kennedy said that some of the supposed minors are obviously adults.

She said that during the 2013 enrollment, “we were seeing people with graying temples, people with more wrinkles around their eyes than I have.”

They lie about their age, knowing that the government doesn’t verify anything and that common sense and judgment are not a factor in the process. Statements made as to their supposed, name, age or any other characteristics or history are treated as the truth, even when they are obvious lies.

By enrolling in school, they become registered as being a minor, reinforcing the “validity” of their asylum petition.

The lawless president is also impacting this city and its citizens in other predictable ways, such as a much higher dropout rate and reductions in performance-based funding by the state of their school. Additionally, more nurses here hired to provide vaccinations to the new future Democrats.

Kennedy told reporters that the costs associated with the illegals have already boosted the education budget by nine percent and forced a cut of five percent in city services. The city used to have a $16.5 million reserve fund. That no longer exists.

The community is also facing the reality imposed by one law the Democrats can’t break, that of supply and demand. Rents in the city are rising dramatically, with citizens being forced to pay more as a result of their new illegal neighbors, with actual bidding wars being waged for vacant apartments.

This is the future of America, a direct result of the lawless dictatorial acts of B. Hussein Obama and the Democrats. With the border still wide open and the regime working night and day to import as many illegals as possible, the problems faced by Lynn, Massachusetts aren’t unique. Maybe it’s time to rethink that Democrat voter registration.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit