Huffington Post claims Mia Love enjoys White Privilege. Wait what?



Just when you thought liberals couldn’t be any more nonsensical, they come out and attack Mia Love for benefiting from a form of “White Privilege”. Yes, you read that right. The über liberal Huffington Post published an article criticizing Mia Love for her ideology and political beliefs. Political blogger, Darren Smith, can not fathom how a black woman could turn her back on the rest of her race simply by being conservative. From the Huffington Post:
“Love’s political convictions show a strong support for values that do not necessarily represent her interests as a member in any of these oppressed groups. For example, blacks are not doing well with respect to education, economics and health outcomes, while women still trail behind in salary and significant positions of power, and conservative politics are not typically known to aid these groups in such key issues. These actualities of Mia’s existence seem to be diametrically opposed to her values that are grounded in a white, male, Christian context.”

He goes on to say,
“She appears publicly unhampered by the daily grind of white racism that affects other racial minorities within the United States. Unlike most of them, Mia gets to walk through the hallowed doorways of white institutions controlled by elite, powerful men. She is allowed to pass through in her black, female body with the understanding that she must not see, speak or openly advocate for anything related to race or gender — an unholy compromise. Hence, she might look black, but her politics are red. This is one way white privilege is reproduced at the legislative level of government.”

I always knew that the Huffington Post encouraged vile and hateful writers, but this fool takes the cake! This “writer”, and I hesitate to call him that, actually suggests that the Republican Party — but not the Democratic Party — exhibits a “pattern of using blacks to further white interests.” So apparently, Mia Love is incapable of thinking for herself, and only became the first black republican women elected to Congress because white people made her do it. Darren Smith is obviously very upset that Mia Love isn’t playing the left’s identity politics game. Liberals tend to get a little huffy when their racist theory that all black people have to think alike goes to hell. Hey, as long as his theory is going to hell, maybe Darren Smith could give it some company. Yeah, I said it.