Homeland Security – Intentionally Wiping Our Southern Border From The Map


Too much consolidated power is a dangerous thing and that was one fear many people had regarding the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. Now, under the Obama regime, those fears are becoming increasingly more substantiated. With an imperial president come imperial agencies.

The situation on America’s border with the bandito nation to the south is clearly of deliberate construction. The Department of Homeland Security is working as the lead agency in the conduct of a program to achieve a political goal. That is not the way America’s government is supposed to function, but much that is taking place on a regular basis these days is counter to American norms.

This type of abuse would not have been possible before the Department of Homeland Security was created. There was too much independence for a rogue controlling authority to act improperly. That was changed when, under a guise of unified intelligence sharing and a more streamlined threat response, the consolidation of previously separate entities took place.

Even pre-dating the current regime, George W. Bush initiated a war on the Border Patrol which was illustrated when he inexplicably had his hand-picked El Paso U.S. Attorney, Johnny Sutton, target two agents who were simply doing their jobs. The distorted “justification” was a shooting incident in which a drug smuggler was shot in the buttocks.

Those two men, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean served two years in solitary confinement for protecting America. The attack on those defending our nation has continued on a downhill track since then.

Now under this current regime, our agents are instructed to run away from rock-throwing illegals and vehicles, and have very restrictive rules of engagement. It’s as though they are meant to be seen, but nothing more. The illusion of defense and protection is there for the American people, but the reality of open borders exists for those who traffic in drugs and people.

As for the human invasion, we remember that George W. Bush, along with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, signed an agreement creating the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” (SPP) in March of 2005.  It was a public acknowledgment and the move towards a North American Union. That foundation continues to be being built upon today.

It has apparently reached the stage of development in which blatant lawlessness is required.

The Department of Homeland Security is a perfect mechanism for the concealment of the extent of the importation of this overwhelming mass of a dependent population from the American people.

DHS has established and operate a “catch, induct, and release into society” program. The necessary transportation and documentation are provided by DHS. For those needing to travel by air, TSA is under Homeland Security, so waivers to the photo ID requirement are offered. Transportation is a key factor in concealing the degree to which we are being invaded through dilution.

Patriotic whistle blowers are intimidated and threatened for exposure of what is going on. Those within the ranks of our Border Patrol are ordered to violate their principles and rather than prevent the invasion, forced to facilitate it to the point of being nursemaids and changing diapers.

This not only achieves the administration goal of facilitating a huge invading force, but also demoralizes those who would be the most vocal critics of the treason that they are witnessing. They will eventually quit or learn to look the other way.

The regime is presently engaged in the creation of an industry of dependent support agencies, churches and “community groups” as well as individuals who are being paid very well for their role as caregivers in the scheme to meld the Americas. There are plenty of sellouts ready to trade the well-being of their nation for personal gain.

Religious groups attempt to absolve themselves of complicity. Citing humanitarian concerns and being above politics, they are in reality some of the chief offenders and enablers of this treason.

What could be most dangerous about this reality is that, as bad as Hussein Obama is, this scheme didn’t originate with him and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson. They are playing an important part, but the initial components were placed and the wheels set in motion long before they arrived on the scene.

There is an orchestrated event taking place, much bigger than simply what is happening on our border. It is about the destruction of our country.