High School Students Launch Thanks Michelle Obama To Publish Pictures Of Their Lunches

Ahh, the power of social media.  Thanks to smartphones, Twitter and kids who know what a decent school lunch should really look like, we the people are getting a good look at what has been foisted on the poor students of America thanks to Michelle Obama’s school lunch guidelines.  More images on Twitter with #ThanksMichelleObama.

Thanks Michelle 2

This one at least looks appetizing.


Thanks Michelle 3

Any guesses?  Squid guts just doesn’t quite work.


Thanks Michelle 4

Not horrible, but way more carbs than is healthy to stay alert after lunch.


Thanks Michelle 5

Not even going to hazard a guess.  My dogs wouldn’t even eat that.


Thanks Michelle 6

Yeah, the kid who posted this didn’t know what it was either.


Thanks Michelle 7

Closest cousin might be turkey dressing, but there is no way to know for sure.


Thanks Michelle 8

One pepperoni?  Seriously?  The cheese is probably low fat, too.


Thanks Michelle 9

Yeah, some kind of meatball hash maybe?  Well, the kids gave their editorial comment.

Thanks Michelle 1

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