Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Valerie Jarrett Has Got To Go


She’s the woman all conservatives love to hate.  And, now, as it turns out, liberals and Democrats aren’t too wild about her either.  She’s Valerie Jarrett and any number of pundits and lawmakers just may have made her “shit list.”  She calls it a “least constructive” list, but titles in this case don’t really matter.  From the plethora of articles appearing in the last six days calling for the woman’s proverbial head on a platter, Val, Obama’s pal, has to be the least popular person in Washington.

For the entirety of Obama’s presidency, observers of all stripes have noticed and commented on Valerie Jarrett’s Rasputin-like hold over Barack Obama and his dependence on her council.  She attends all meetings he does, has a full Secret Service detail that is rumored to be used like errand boys, she can and does get reporters kicked off of the press plane, she comments on all hard decisions whether she knows anything about the subject or not.  No president has this sort of an aide.  Not even Karl Rove was like this.

As stated earlier, conservatives recognized something wacko about the relationship long ago, and openly have discussed it.  But liberals and Democrats?  They have been far more tight-lipped about her.  Until now.

In the past week, Politico’s most popular piece carries the title “Fire Valerie Jarrett.”  Information has surfaced that there is discussion between Republican and Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill to find a way to get Jarrett out of the White House.  One liberal writer for The New Republic claims that Democrats do not speak out against Jarrett because they are terrified of her.

Previous reports of Jarrett’s behavior include dressing down of any number of Democratic operatives, several of whom are known to be fairly competent people in their jobs.  She is the director of the White House Communications office which is often lampooned for amateurishness.  Current reports of the “enemies list” confirm what has long been rumored about the way Valerie Jarrett operates.  Keep an enemies list and thwart them at every turn.  (Can you say high school drama queen?)

And now, after losing so heavily in the 2014 midterms, liberals are somewhat using Jarrett as a scapegoat with a Greek chorus demanding her ouster.  That is more than likely easier said than done.  So far, the woman shows no indication of bowing to any sort of peer or political pressure.  She walks to her own beat, and makes her own waves.  If she is going to go anywhere, it would have to be a resignation since there’s no way Obama is going to fire her.

That does not mean that lawmakers can’t defund her Secret Service detail or request one on one meetings with Obama without Jarrett present.  It just means that Valerie Jarrett isn’t going to sleep at night trying to keep other influences away from her precious charge.  People like Jarrett lash out against those who criticize them rather than changing their behavior.  They are paranoid about their positions and do not let anyone into their tight little circles.  All reports are that Jarrett fits that description.  (These sorts are amazingly difficult to work with and for, too.)

We on the right have long called Valerie Jarrett the de facto president, and it now looks like the left knows it as well.  After such a blatant repudiation in the form of the midterms, they are now willing to speak out about it, and against her.  It remains to be seen if Val will take the hint and hit the road.  Doubtful.  And if so, the internal combustion will be fun to watch.

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