He Is Not At War With Radical Islam… Well We Are…

image                                                               The president has said we are not at war with Islam. Well he has made it clear that he stands with Islam. Do you think he supports their radical views on ruling the world? He might not be at war with Islam but this country, and the rest of the world is. It doesn’t matter whether your Christian, Catholic, or a Jew. In the presidents eyes you are less than him because you are an infidel. This includes the atheist, and anyone who doesn’t share in his faith. We have been deceived by a man who convinced us he stood for the good of this country. Time and time again he has shown us what he really stands for.

He has said “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet Of Islam.” Well the future of this country belongs to our children. The great-grandchildren of our forefathers who gave their lives for our freedoms. The freedom to choose our religion, and not have it chosen for us. This country doesn’t, and never will belong to Islam. This is a nation under God where all men are created equal. Not one man is better and not one is less. This world has never belonged to a prophet, and it never will. These radical Islamist think they will rule the world. I pray one day they realize this world is ruled by God. They should stop listening to the lies of Satan.

It will never be ruled by any man, religion, or president. This world is at war with those who think they can control others. War with those who think they can force themselves on women, and children. War with those who are murdering innocent men, women, and children. We are the world and we are Gods children. We are at war with radical Islam and all who support them. We the people do not support radical Islam. If the president stands with Islam then the world is at war with him… God bless each and everyone, and may God forever bless this country! Semper Fi, Shep