Most Hated Mayor In America? Ignorance At The Top!

image                                               Bill de Blasio said cops are racist. Is he that ignorant or just plain stupid? Last I checked police officers come in every color, race and religion. Was he talking about white cops, black cops, brown cops, or yellow. This man needs to look in the mirror and take a long hard look. He is a white man that needs to stop being pissed off because God didn’t make him black. He talks about racist while hanging out with the country’s number one racist. He is the mayor of our largest city and is paid to protect people from crime. Cops are out protecting New York against Thugs like Al Sharpton who are inciting violence.

Cops are people and like most Americans don’t like the mayor of New York. Not because of his skin color but because of his character. Most Americans don’t like the character of wannabe thugs. Just because we don’t like him doesn’t mean we are all racist. If this man didn’t like cops why in the world did he run for mayor in a city that represents a country we love. This country stands with the officers of New York while turning our back on the scum they have for mayor. I hope and pray this man is serving his last term. God bless the police of New York and may they know we have their back… Semper Fi, Shep