Harry Reid Proclaims House Border Bill “Wrong-Headed” and DOA in Senate


There’s always room for one more House bill in Harry Reid’s desk drawers, and he is already finding an obscure corner for the border bill Republicans sent his way. In Reid’s assessment it is seriously flawed in that it doesn’t grant amnesty and it eliminates the ability of the administration to further implement their plans of turning America into Latin America. In the perverse opinion of socialist Democrats, acting to correct the problem rather than perpetuate it is what Reid described as “wrong-headed.”

Reid said, “The House appears to be getting from bad to worse as the House Republican Majority hunts for votes. House Republicans will vote to deport children that have been living in the U.S. for their entire lives, all in a pathetic attempt to appease the Tea Party.”

Apparently the Koch brothers have been bumped from their top spot on Harry Reid’s villain of the month rotation in favor of the conservatives he paints with the supposed derisive label of Tea Party.

The socialist Democrat Senator from Nevada said, “If the House does pass a bill, I can’t imagine it could be cleared on either side over here.”

The House ultimately did pass a bill and it surely won’t be cleared. It allocates $400 billion for border security and law enforcement, $20 billion to speed deportations and millions for the National Guard border security costs, reimbursement to Texas for their expenditures with their National Guard, as well as spending for the temporary housing of illegals.

Obama referred to those no-nonsense measures aimed at dismantling and correcting his man-made disaster as extreme.

It also includes a correction to the 2008 anti-trafficking law which would bring the application of the law in line with its original intent, that of protecting a small number of actual victims rather than the importation of a nation’s general population.

Obama dismissed the measure as a “message bill” which has no chance of passing in the Senate and which would be vetoed by him if it did. His Democrat minions immediately brought out their race cards, labeling Republicans “anti-Hispanic” and “extreme,” evidence that the campaign of false vilification and smears is already underway.

Rather than running out of town as the Senate did, House Republicans stayed and worked out a real plan that offers real solutions. They plan to make that fact well known in the coming weeks, as the surge of illegals floods our nation and the illegal alien occupying the White House continues to promise amnesty to anyone who will make the trip.

Never ones to let the peoples’ business get in the way of vacations, the Democrats in the Senate left when it became apparent that Republicans weren’t going to follow their leadership into a cave. They can explain their reasons to their constituents, although very few town halls are scheduled at this point, particularly among the ranks of the guilty pro-amnesty Democrats.

The invasion will continue during the recess. Obama is going to move money around, so the funding to import Central America will be found. He won’t let his most important achievement, the destruction of our nation, be interrupted by a few uppity House Republicans and the rebellious citizens of the United States.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us