He Hangs Out With Thugs; He Stands Up For Thugs! Think The President Is A Thug?

image Obama has yet to speak out about the murder of two New York City police officers. He doesn’t have a problem taking time to talk about Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. We watch the president do nothing about his friends who incite violence throughout this country. Instead he has encouraged it. Our president could have condemned the shooting of these police officers but he hasn’t.

He allows Holder to get involved in Ferguson but where is Holder when needed in New York. He is the head of the Department of Justice so where is the justice for these cops. Our country stands with the police of New York while our thug leaders are turning their backs. These men belong in jail for inciting violence which led to the murder of two men who were loved. So with that I ask this question again? Where is our president because the city of New York Just lost two law-abiding citizens that happened to be cops. God Bless America, Semper Fi Shep