Gun, Ammo, And Bible… Things A Home Should Not Be Without!

imageBeing from Texas I still remember when they announced the legalization of concealed weapons. I admit to having reservations due to my own ignorance. I thought it would create more crime when it did just the opposite. I remember talking to a friend of the family who was a police officer in Pasadena. He told me the bad guys will always have weapons. If you want to deter those bad guys you need a few good guys with weapons of their own. He was right because the crime rates went down in Texas while the number of gun owners went up. Most people want no part of hurting anyone while most of us just want the right to protect ourselves, and our families.

ISIS is overseas raping and murdering women and children. Well, our women in this country are packing heat so they better beware! They are cowards that pick on people who are unable to fight back. They should know our people are not going to put up with that crap. The week following 9-11 crime in this country all but stopped. Yes a week later it picked up again, but my point is this. Our criminals are not the only ones with guns in this country, and we are all prepared to use them. We are all Americans and we will unite while protecting this country. There is a big difference between being an American or just being an American citizen.

This is One Nation Under God and has been that way for over 238 years. If anyone doesn’t like it, they are free to get the hell out! We all have a right to our beliefs, and religion but no right to force our beliefs on anyone else. We have a right to pray anywhere we choose. We are at war with those who think they have a right to force their views on us. My fellow Americans this administration won’t say it, but we are at war. Arm yourselves if you haven’t, and never leave home again without it. God bless each and every one of you, and may He forever bless this country, Shep #Marines4Truth                                   image