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Guess Who’s Coming To Dine On The Fresh Food Waste In San Francisco’s Public Schools


Not that all the images of Michelle Obama approved disgusting school lunches from across the country weren’t enough, it seems that the implementation of the program in San Francisco, along with a lack of refrigeration capacity has attracted some unwanted dinner companions:

The SFUSD switched to a new food provider, Revolution Foods, last year as it also increased the number of breakfast, lunch and supper meals served to students.

The new programs have succeeded in feeding thousands of students healthy food, but they have also produced unexpected growing pains, a San Francisco Examiner investigation shows. The district has a lack of refrigerators to handle the extra fresh food, and the increased fresh waste has attracted unwanted guests — rats — for meal times.

The waste is attracting rodents into school cafeterias — a lot more rodents than typically find their way onto school grounds.

Well, at least SOME creatures out there find Moochelle’s school lunches palatable.

“We are working on systematically addressing the needs of our cafeterias as we increase our school food programs,” said Heidi Anderson, an SFUSD spokeswoman. “In fact, this is a common issue across the nation’s public schools.”

Wait, so all the fresh, good for the kids school lunches that most of the kids are throwing away are really feeding the rat population?  Isn’t the purpose of school lunch to feed students not disease carrying rodents?  Oh, wait, part of the problem, it seems, has to do with aging schools and lack of refrigeration.

“A significant number of elementary schools’ kitchen equipment, space, and infrastructure are close to capacity — especially with refrigeration,” one Board of Education report says.

The increase in fresh food available — such as hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and milk — has exacerbated the problem of too few refrigerators, the report notes. Some schools are too old structurally to handle an increase in refrigerators.

“Circuit breakers have been blowing when the new equipment is plugged in,” the report notes.

So, now a lot of San Francisco schools need to be rewired just so that the kids can have fresh food that they are probably going to throw away.  Or the rats will get it.

Only in America.

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