GOP Reframing Amnesty Debate to Jobs and Wages, Something Everybody Understands


The bread and butter issue of putting food on the table is a great place to have the debate over giving American jobs to foreigners in the form of illegal alien amnesty. The glut of workers that will result will also further reduce what are already depressed wages.

Republicans may have finally figured out that they need to frame the debate in terms of the everyday needs of every American citizen and legal resident. As James Carville and Bill Clinton discovered, it’s the economy, stupid. Our economy and our quality of life are threatened by the pro-amnesty socialists and most people beginning to become aware of it. While many might not understand the basic concept of supply and demand, most are teachable.

The issue was portrayed as one of race by the Democrats who hope to import their voting bloc. The problem with their thinking is that people of every race and ethnicity like nice things. Too many people competing for the same limited number of pieces of the pie means less nice stuff for everybody; white, black, Asian or Hispanic.

On August 15th, Rep. Tom Cotton told the Daily Caller, “It is not our job to get cheap [migrant] labor for big business, as much as labor might want that. By standing up against illegal immigration, and by standing against the [Senate’s 2013 immigration bill], I am in fact showing, as so many [other GOP legislators] are, that I care about Americans,” including American Hispanics.

Cotton is in a very tight race for the Arkansas U.S. Senate seat presently occupied by Democrat Mark Pryor and that is the kind of talk that could make him a winner.

Polling data indicates it is the right approach and that Democrats are very vulnerable on the issue. Their leader in the White House is not making things any easier for them and he’s expected to make matters worse. His upcoming executive amnesty will win him praise with a particular demographic, but there will be considerable political blowback.

Adrian Pnatoja, of Latino Decision, a California-based polling firm reports that “Surveys do show that [Hispanics] want to strengthen the border, [and support] border enforcement.” He said Latinos “can have very strong support for some Republican positions if they are framed in a way that is not anti-Latino or group [Latinos] into one category.”

Seems like Mr. Big Pen might have once again let his mouth and his ego get him into a tight spot. It only makes sense; we all have to eat and we all need to provide for our families.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit