“Gentle Giant” Mike Brown May Have Secret Juvenile Murder Conviction – Lawsuit Seeks Records


A lawsuit was filed on August 21st against the St. Louis County Circuit Court by Charles C. Johnson of Gotnews.com. The suit seeks to obtain records related to a reported conviction of second degree murder against Michael Brown, the assailant of Officer Darren Wilson who was fatally shot following the attack.

According to the site Gotnews.com, Johnson has been made aware by two different law enforcement officers of the existence of the sealed conviction.

The lawsuit contends that under Missouri law, the right to privacy granted by a sealed record no longer exists by virtue of the alleged offender’s death.

No statement has been forthcoming from the Attorney General, but if a juvenile conviction does exist, it must certainly be known to Eric Holder. To have that information and still maintain a civil rights investigation would only further serve to paint the Holder Justice Department as a racist agenda promoting organization.

The legal filing document can be viewed here.

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