From Cocky to Cowardly – Democrats Supporting Amnesty Now Afraid To Speak


The Democrats, who have perfected the art of ignoring constituents and turned shoving legislation down unwilling throats into an ugly art form, have grown curiously silent.

Earlier this year, before Obama’s man-made disaster on the Mexican border became an issue, they were using extortionist rhetoric and tactics in their attempts to manipulate Republicans into complying and caving in to their demands for illegal alien amnesty.

Chuck Schumer even went so far as to belittle Rep Steve King on the Senate floor, labeling him a Wizard of Oz who had taken over the House. Harry Reid infamously pronounced the border as secure in the final week, an obvious and blatantly untrue assertion.

Now things have gotten quieter. They recognize that for them, the unthinkable is happening. The American people are opening their eyes. That awakening is putting the sellout Democrats into a really tough spot. They never expected to be held accountable. They are still hoping things just blow over, but there is a problem, and it’s coming in the next few weeks.

They recognize that the American people are steadfastly against amnesty and enraged that their self—serving representatives have become anything but representative. They also sense that the blowback could result in a loss of leadership and defeats in the upcoming midterms.

If they speak out in opposition to amnesty, they will not only correctly be seen as cowardly and shallow political prostitutes, but they will also risk alienating a portion of their base which is aligned with their racist lawbreaking. They will be targeted for the inevitable White House retaliation for any perceived disloyalty to the Obama agenda.

Republican Senate candidates aren’t helping the Democrat efforts to join their illegal compadres by slinking into the shadows. They are effectively making illegal immigration a forefront of their campaigns in New Hampshire (Scott Brown), Arkansas (Tom Cotton), Michigan (Terry Lynn Land), Alaska (Joe Miller), and Louisiana (Rob Maness).

Elections have consequences and we Americans have many scars and empty wallets as evidence of the consequences of the last six years. It’s time for the Democrats to get a taste of their own medicine, to experience some unemployment of their own in the coming months.

While they are quietly in hiding for now, they will be exposed for what they are in September when Obama commits his next unconstitutional act.

Regardless of whether Democrats choose to speak or to not to speak, the American people can and must be very vocal in the appropriate manner; in the voting booth, this November.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit