Freedom Of Clothing Choice vs. Distracting Teachers & Boys. One High School Banned Leggings

LeggingsEverything in this culture always seems to boil down to sex – including girls and women’s attire.  One high school in North Dakota has had enough:

Parents and students at Devils Lake High School in North Dakota are calling out administrators at the school for new, strict dress policy. The policy is aimed at female students, and bans girls from wearing leggings, jeggings, and tight jeans to school so that students and male teachers don’t get distracted.

The school’s assistant principal made female students watch clips from “Pretty Woman,” Valley News Live reports, and compared their attire to a prostitute’s.

Not sure that I would go that far, but okay.  The way a lot of young ladies dress these days does leave nothing to the imagination.  And from all reports, when it comes to women’s bodies, men and boys have quite vivid imaginations.

And how do the parents of these young ladies – their mothers who are supposed to be teaching their progeny how to dress appropriately – taking this?

“A lot of the parents went on Facebook and we were discussing it,” parent Candace Olsen told Valley News. “They were talking about how they think the boys should be able to control themselves and the girls should be able to wear the leggings and the jeggings and you know, the skirts and stuff. And, when I was in high school, I think we wore a little bit more provocative clothing.”

Given that I am probably about the same age as the parents of a lot of teenagers out there…uh, no.  There was some provocative clothing out there, but it was not worn to school.  We wore baggy shaker sweaters and balloon pants.  Skirts were longer and not nearly so tight.  Tight jeans and leggings were the realm of actual prostitutes and our mothers told us that because they knew the folly of expecting men and boys to control their imaginations.

Really, though, what is the real reason behind the rule that has so many girls at Devil’s Lake High School claiming that the new dress code leaves them with nothing to wear?

The most interesting part of this new policy comes via this Valley News tidbit:

The assistant principle said this new dress code is a way to prevent distracting teachers and other students. But, some even told us it’s an interaction they’ve seen between teachers and female students.

SHOCKER!  Men see young, nubile bodies and their libidos take over.  One of America’s most intellectually honest liberal feminists, Camille Paglia, touched on this side of the nature of man in her piece this week in Time:

Misled by the naive optimism and “You go, girl!” boosterism of their upbringing, young women do not see the animal eyes glowing at them in the dark. They assume that bared flesh and sexy clothes are just a fashion statement containing no messages that might be misread and twisted by a psychotic. They do not understand the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature.

Never should all men be called savages, but the urge to procreate or at least go through the motions is a very basic human instinct.  If the young ladies and their mothers cannot see this – or that due to distracting young men and teachers via clothing which is provocative whether it is considered to be or not, they are depriving said young men of an education – then the sex fiends among us have won.  Women can’t see that they are walking billboards for sex just by the way they dress.

Really girls, if what you wear is what makes you feel sexy, visit Victoria’s Secret.  No one knows what that queen had on under the high necked gowns and long skirts.

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