Fox News obtains first draft of Obama’s amnesty plan. Plan could be announced as early as next week



Earlier today, Fox news obtained details of Obama’s planned amnesty for illegal aliens. It is a ten point plan that is destined to cause waves with the anti-amnesty crowd a.k.a any legal American who respects our laws. Fox news reports:

The plan contains 10 initiatives than span everything from boosting border security to improving pay for immigration officers.
But the most controversial pertain to the millions who could get a deportation reprieve under what is known as “deferred action.”
The plan calls for expanding deferred action for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children — but also for the parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.
The latter could allow upwards of 4.5 million illegal immigrant adults with U.S.-born children to stay, according to estimates.
Critics in the Senate say those who receive deferred action, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, receive work authorization in the United States, Social Security numbers and government-issued IDs.

You may remember back in 2012 when Obama by-passed Congress to pass a version of the DREAM act. The DREAM act was created to provide permanent residency for illegals of “good moral character” that arrived in the United States as minors. Under the 2012 legislation, the illegal immigrant had to live in the country continuously for at least five years prior to the bill’s enactment, and be under 31 years of age. This new executive action would expand that to cover anyone who entered before they were 16, and change the cut-off from June 2007 to Jan. 1, 2010. Just passing that part alone is estimated to make nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants eligible.
DHS is planning to “promote” the new naturalization process by giving a 50 percent discount on the first 10,000 applicants who come forward. Those who have income levels above 200 percent of the poverty level will be exempt from the discount. A State Department immigrant visa program would offer another half-million immigrants a path to citizenship through Tech jobs, this would include their spouses as well. Another measure calls to revise removal priorities to target serious criminals for deportation and end the program known as “Secure Communities”. That program was created to help identify criminal aliens without imposing new or additional requirements on state and local law enforcement. A new program would be set in its place. Republicans have already stepped forward with a plan of action. Sen. Jeff Sessions, Republican Senator from Alabama, said Congress would stop Obama from taking executive action by adding language explicitly barring money from being used for that purpose. He wrote, “Congress has the power of the purse. The President cannot spend a dime unless Congress appropriates it,”
Democrats are salivating over Obama’s threat of amnesty. Rep. Juan Vargas, a democrat from California, urged the president to pass the order, “We’re begging the president. Go big. These [illegal immigrants] are a plus to our nation. Mr. President, please. You said you were going to do something. Do it. Act now,”
House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer said: “I join with my colleagues in urging the president to take action. What he needs to do is give immediate relief to families who are being wrenched apart and living in fear.” The vice president for immigration policy at the Center for American Progress, Angela Maria Kelley,also showed her support by touting deferred action as a “tried and true component of immigration policy used by 11 presidents, 39 times in the last 60 years.” She claims, for many illegal immigrants who have been here for years, “there is no line for people to get into.”
Apparently no one has told her that there IS a very clear line for those people, they just thought only of themselves and jumped it.