Flower-Power Christians Ask Obama To Give Peace A Chance In The Middle East


Now that all sorts of pacifist and non-violent minded people have called on the world to eliminate and neutralize the terrorist threat known to the world as ISIS or ISIL or IS depending on who is doing the talking, 53 “national religious groups” are petitioning Barack Obama and the Regime to help the civilians in Iraq, but not use any kind of military force against the aggressors.

What, do these flower people think that the young, passionate, bloodthirsty jihadis are going to see all the love and goodness flowing to the infidel and just surrender?  The terrorists are going out of their way to behead Christians just for being Christians.  What exactly IS in those brownies the aging hippies are serving?  

Much to the embarrassment of many of the Faithful, the petition letter appeared on the website of the Maryknolls, a Catholic order that left the catechesis reservation some time ago and is working its way into extinction.  (All the still liberal orders are.)  Unfortunately, several of the co-signers are from other orders also working their way into extinction.

And what do the stuck in the 60’s sorts have to say?

As religious communities, leaders, and academics, we write to express our deep concern over the recent escalation of U.S. military action in Iraq. While the dire plight of Iraqi civilians should compel the international community to respond in some way, U.S. military action is not the answer. Lethal weapons and airstrikes will not remove the threat to a just peace in Iraq.

Maybe not, but lethal weapons and airstrikes will destroy the aggressors’ stolen lethal weapons which can be used against the innocent civilians thus increasing the likelihood that peace might be achieved once the dust settles.

As difficult as it might be, in the face of this great challenge, we believe that the way to address the crisis is through long-term investments in supporting inclusive governance and diplomacy, nonviolent resistance, sustainable development, and community-level peace and reconciliation processes.

They’re kidding, right?  ISIS jihadis are more likely to shoot those preaching peaceful overtures just to get them out of the way of a tank column.

Pope Francis has affirmed that “peacemaking is more courageous than warfare,” and more recently said that “it is licit to stop the unjust aggressor. I underscore the verb ‘stop;’ I don’t say bomb, make war — stop him.” But how, we ask?

Yes, but when the enemy is determined to destroy YOU, and has zero mercy or tolerance, which are key necessities to a lasting peace, without divine intervention, there has to be some kind of clash.  For historical perspective, please review the defensive nature of the Crusades.

There’s some more nonsense that demonstrates why religious leaders are not the best arbiters of foreign policy and military action.  And then the good and peaceful Christians throw all Just War Theology out the window and provide a step by step plan on how to give peace a chance:

  • Stop U.S. bombing in Iraq to prevent bloodshed, instability and the accumulation of grievances that contribute to the global justification for the Islamic State’s existence among its supporters.

And who is going to destroy all the American military equipment the bloodthirsty terrorists stole with which they are shedding blood and destablizing what is left of Iraq?  At this point, grievances are off the table.

  • Provide robust humanitarian assistance to those who are fleeing the violence. Provide food and much needed supplies in coordination with the United Nations.

Or asylum somewhere.  Seriously, why does everyone call on the United Nations in international crises?  In order to get any sort of humanitarian assistance into the Iraqi mountains, it’s going to take a military convoy.  And who’s military will be used?  The United States.  So why not cut out the middle man?


  • Engage with the UN, all Iraqi political and religious leaders, and others in the international community on diplomatic efforts for a lasting political solution for Iraq. Ensure a significantly more inclusive Iraqi government along with substantive programs of social reconciliation to interrupt the flow and perhaps peel-back some of the persons joining the Islamic State. In the diplomatic strategy, particularly include those with influence on key actors in the Islamic State.

This particular enemy isn’t interested.  The ISIS terrorists overran cities and made the bloodshed look glorious to young, impassioned believers – just like the dreamers of the 60’s were when they revolted against the established social order.

  • Work for a political settlement to the crisis in Syria. The conflicts in Iraq and Syria are intricately connected and should be addressed holistically. Return to the Geneva peace process for a negotiated settlement to the civil war in Syria and expand the agenda to include regional peace and stability. Ensure Iran’s full participation in the process.

Ensure IRAN’s full participation…seriously, what is in those brownies?  Y’all do know that there is no such thing as freedom in Iran, right?  There’s Iranian women who post pictures of themselves on the internet in remote locations of that country after taking off their headscarves.  Beautiful women who call it Stealthy Freedom because that’s what it is. They can’t go bareheaded in Iranian the cities without being arrested for violating Sharia law.

And the Geneva Convention?  That’s followed by civilized peoples.  The ISIS-IS-ISIL members and recruits cut off people’s heads.  That is not civilized.  No convention or international treaty is going to stop them.  Only brute force will.

There’s more in the letter that is an insult to anyone with any clue of what has been going on in the Middle East for the last hundred years.  No use rehashing it.

In the meantime, while prayer and appeals to a higher power should always be a part of not simply a peaceful resolution to conflict, but defeat of evil, recognition that there is such a thing as justified force must also be a factor.  The Caliphate of the Islamic State fighters will not be halted with peaceful overtures and a plan for regional cooperation.  They want complete control of the former Islamic lands and are willing to die for the cause.

Are the flower-power Christians willing to put their lives on the line to try to talk them out of it?

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