Find Out What Happens When Congo Citizens Find an Islamic Militant


To most citizens of the countries inhabited by Islamic militants, an encounter with a such a person would terrify them. Not so the people of Congo; they have had enough!

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a group known as the ADF-NALU, an Islamic based group, has been blamed for the deaths of over 100 people by hatchet and machete in the past month alone. This past Thursday, fourteen more people were killed, reportedly by the ADF-NALU. The United Nations’ peacekeeping mission estimates that the ADF-NALU has about 500 fighters. The Ugandan government has stated that the ADF-NALU is allied with Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group.

On Friday, a crowd of people discovered a man unknown to any of them who couldn’t speak the local Swahili language, riding a bus and carrying a machete. Citizens believed the man was part of the ADF-NALU responsible for the recent massacres. Angry and seeking revenge for the deaths of their loved ones, they took matters into their own hands, stoning the man to death, then burning and eating his corpse.

Although the government told citizens earlier in the year that the ADF-NALU had been defeated in a military operation, citizens have recently found out the hard way just how big of a threat this group truly poses.

President of Congo Joseph Kabila made a public announcement that any members of the ADF-NALU militant group found would suffer the same fate as the rebel movement M23. “There is no question of negotiation with terrorists. They will be defeated as was the case with the M23. And it will be very soon.”