Ferguson Update: Anonymous And #Occupy Supposedly Flooding St. Louis Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

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Greetings from St. Louis where the death of a young Cardinals player in the Dominican Republic has taken our eyes off of Ferguson, a tragedy in the making by people who aren’t from here.  Requiescat in Pace, Oscar Taveras.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, on August 9, a white police officer in the small township of Ferguson, a working class and largely black suburb of St. Louis, shot and killed an 18 year old black man during an altercation where the officer was injured.  The case has spurred national race-baiters and trouble making groups into protesting and taunting police in a city where most gang members don’t know how to shoot straight.

In an abundance of caution, the most honest man in St. Louis government, the county prosecutor, decided to send the case and the question of whether or not to charge the officer involved, Darren Wilson, with any sort of crime.  Due to the sheer amount of evidence presented and that that particular grand jury was continued just for this case and schedules have to be accommodated for them to finish what was started, no decision on charges has been handed down as yet.  Yes, it has been over two and a half months, but when a job is done right it takes time.

That has not stopped leaks of evidence from appearing.  At this point, it does not matter who is doing the leaking or what the intent of leaking the information is, the reality comes down to the evidence is heavily pointing to self defense on the officer’s part and another leak is saying that there will be no charges against Wilson.  (At least, this is what we expect.)

Naturally, this is not what the race-baiters, the #Occupy folks and the internet disrupters known as “Anonymous” want to hear.  They have continually been making threats to the point that even the most wealthy of the St. Louis County suburbs (Ladue) has purchased body armor for its police.  The evacuation plans for Ferguson are in place.  The National Guard is in town.  We the people have been watching the scanners and Twitter feeds and the rumors are saying that the grand jury is expected to hand down a decision after the election and if anyone sees police activity in North County (where Ferguson is) “get the hell out.”  None of that is officially confirmed, but it is feeding into the perception that all hell is going to break loose and the entire city and county will be blown from the map.   (That’s close to 600 square miles.  Good luck.)

Up until now, the news that there have been threats made were pretty much shrugged off other than official paperwork being signed just in case.  However, as of this week, there are credible reports that Anonymous and #Occupy are on the ground and ready to cause major trouble when the grand jury decision is announced.  Most of us who live in the St. Louis area have held all along that the violent protests have largely been carried out by people not from the area.  Gateway Pundit reported this today:

Recently, a team member, who declined to be identified but said he was out of the country, said the core Ferguson operation is run by about a half-dozen Anonymous operatives, invited by St. Louis activists, with thousands of “Anons” from about 75 different countries “joining in to help.”

These people are giving the good, peaceful, honorable residents of Ferguson a bad name that very much isn’t deserved.  Ferguson has lost a lot because the protesters and disruptive factions have harassed the people and made doing business there difficult.  The farmers’ market ended early.  Several businesses have closed or left.  There are a lot of other rumors that are not being reported and some information that have come via word of mouth which cannot be confirmed.  There is evidence that there has been recruiting done for the “unrest.”  People have quite jobs in order to protest (yes, they are being paid).  There is also another Anonymous leak with substantial information that, if true, will cause even more trouble for people who do not deserve it.  Last evening, the protesters tried to invade a part of town that had not been previously involved in any of the protesting or rioting.  They were in The Loop between the city and University City to “shut it down.”  On a Monday.  (They can’t possibly be from here if they think The Loop is alive on a Monday or that the University City – St. Louis Metropolitan Police haven’t been dealing with unruly crowds in The Loop for years.)  The crowd was dispersed before 9 pm.

Needless to say, this has gone on long enough.  For the moment, other than the uptick in crime in the city including some unconscionable drive-by shootings reminiscent of the late 1980’s, we’re pretty much fine.   In another two weeks, I may not be able to write that.  Anonymous and #Occupy are in town.  And they are looking to give St. Louis more of a bad name.

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