Ferguson protesters give police a list of demands

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

Any day now, the Grand Jury will reveal whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Everyone is on the edge; even our wonderful president has voiced his concern. The day after the midterm elections, Obama urged a small group of the nation’s top civil rights leaders and their organizations to work to keep the peace while ensuring protesters’ free-speech rights. The irony is; this situation would not have escalated to the point that it has without those same civil rights leaders and their organizations. On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to federal, state and local officials from Missouri on a conference call. He offered “the department’s continued assistance” and urged “continued and direct communication between elected officials, law enforcement and community leaders in the days ahead to help de-escalate tensions and assist with planning,”

Eric Holder is not the only one who has offered to take part in crowd control. The protesters themselves have come up with a list of demands basically ordering authorities to not interfere as they do as they please.
Some of these demands seem too ridiculous to even share, but for the sake of entertainment, I will list some of the most absurd.

“police will wear only the attire minimally required for their safety, specialized riot gear will be avoided except as a last resort,”
This rule was created to ensure damaging head trauma, when a frozen water bottle is thrown at an officer’s head.

“Safe houses shall be considered “sacred ground” and only be entered by police when called upon or if extremely necessary.”
That way, a protester can commit a crime then run into the “safe house” to avoid being arrested. I’m assuming it’s kind of like playing tag as a kid, you couldn’t be tagged “it” if you were touching home base.

“Strategically, police commanders will allow protests to take and occupy larger and more disruptive spaces than would normally be tolerated, and will allow occupation of those spaces for longer periods of time than would normally be tolerated.”
Apparently, police are supposed to allow protesters to do what they want, as loud as they want, at all hours of the night. Who cares about children, the elderly and the people who need sleep to go to WORK the next day?

How out of control does one’s sense of entitlement have to be to make such ludicrous demands? How hard is it to practice your right to protest without looting a store or burning down a business? Questions like these pile up in my mind every time I watch the footage from Ferguson. I guess it’s ME who is asking for too much.
Read the full list of the protester’s ” Rules of engagement” (yes they really called it that) here: