Ferguson Police Arrest Key Taunter And Agitator Overnight [Video]

Bassem Masri

For those who are not living with the intimate, local Ferguson headlines every day, the name Bassem Masri probably doesn’t mean anything.  To St. Louisans who have been paying attention to the nonsense in North County, it means all too much.

Bassem Masri is a self-styled citizen journalist who live streams the protests, or the taunting of police, blocking of traffic, milling around by people who have too much time on their hands, and the general disrespect the “protesters” have for other people.  He is one of the live streamers responsible for a lot of the video floating around YouTube of various incidents between protesters and police.

In late October, Masri caught himself on live video verbally abusing police.  He was arrested at the time for assaulting a police officer after the Vonderitt Myers shooting in South St. Louis.  The arrest had something to do with spitting.  Last night, Masri was arrested again, supposedly on outstanding warrants, after yet more taunting of police.  Watch and listen the aftermath among the regulars the cops consider professional protesters.  The language is filthy, and telling.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZYd2p9v10g]


Doncha love how the Klan and the Tea Party get blamed for this?

Masri has been a polarizing figure at the protests.  He is very energetic and not afraid to get in officers’ faces when they maintain an even strain.  The entire exercise is a balancing act of allowing American citizens their first amendment rights and keeping those who are hellbent on getting the police to react at bay.  Yes, Masri is a muslim, and that may play into his tactics, but the plain and simple reality is that he is one of the instigators.  He incites the crowd and taunts police.  His famous quote: ‘We need to be talking about how we gonna fix the police, not how do we fix Bassem.’  Riiiiggghhhht.

As we inch closer to the grand jury decision, we in St. Louis are expecting more of this.  In all likelihood, Masri will be out of jail on bond before tonight’s protests start, but at least there is now a record that the Bassem Masris of the world are not the peaceful protesters they pretend to be.

More information at Gateway Pundit.

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