Fate of Man Missing for Two Years Now Confirmed


May 1, 2012 10:00 p.m.: Fifty-seven year old Hollywood executive Gavin Smith is last seen leaving a friend’s house in purple workout pants, never to be heard from by friends and family again. On May 2, his wife Lisa reported him missing though she declined to tell reporters why he had been staying at a friend’s home. Lisa later confessed they had had problems with infidelity, drug addiction, and finances. Right before Smith’s disappearance, one of his sons tweeted that his dad had left the family. The tweet was later deleted.

May 7, 2012: Eyewitnesses reportedly see Smith at a taco restaurant in Morro Bay with another woman. The waitress confirmed eyewitness reports.

July 2012: Smith’s family offers a $20,000 reward for any information leading to his whereabouts.

February 2013: Smith’s black Mercedes is found in a storage facility owned by convicted drug dealer John Creech, whose wife was reportedly having an affair with Smith. The case is reclassified as a homicide investigation.

May 2014: Gavin Smith is officially declared dead.

And now, November of 2014, gruesome remains have been found and confirmed as being that of Gavin Smith in Angeles National Forest. The remains were found by hikers on September 26, though authorities have only now confirmed the identity of the parts. The hikers first came across the skull, later finding the rest of the remains in a shallow grave along with clothing believed to have belonged to him. The cause of death is still unknown.