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Eunice The Uterus Videos Tell Tall Tales Of “Abortion Deserts” [Watch]

Now the “abortion anytime, anywhere” partisans are using creepy puppets and really bad media to guilt those who are on the fence regarding the dignity of human life into taking their position.  The latest gimmick comes by way of Lady Parts Justice with former Daily Show “creative” sort Lizz Winstead producing a “sophomoric” video of Eunice the Uterus who travels the American west – specifically Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, the Dakotas and Nebraska – telling the viewer that the facilities where one can have a pregnancy terminated in this territory can be counted on two hands.  Seriously.  Check this out.


Let’s see, in case the reader missed it as the video went by:

  1. An abortion desert is a healthcare crisis even though there is not much caring about demanding that women be allowed to kill their babies at will and not addressing psychological issues later.  Or the infertility.  Or infections.
  2. Women seem to have to trudge through hundreds of miles of desert to terminate a pregnancy legally when the Canadian border is not that far away.  Canada, after all, has universal healthcare that we are assured by these same women’s advocates that is ideal for us.  Of course, the women might have to wait until the pregnancy is over naturally before they can have their children killed.
  3. “Poor, rural women, and women of color are often forgotten  and suffer most when access to affordable health care is removed”…have these people looked at a map of Planned Parenthood abortuaries lately?  The one in my hometown is on the edge of a ghetto.  And they have financial aid for those who need it.

Lady Parts Justice has been keeping politicians out of lady parts since 2012.

So, in using the language that describes the lack of access to an actual primary human need, food and the food desert as described by nutrition and hunger relief advocates, the Lady Parts Justice females are equating rejection of the primary role of the female of the species with a basic human right.  That’s quite an elevation, to liken killing unborn children with eating.

Abortion and morality surrounding the entire issue is far more serious than any simple video featuring a puppet taking a fictitious walk through the west.  In presenting their case in such a childish manner, the people behind Lady Parts Justice demonstrate their mentality and it is not of the adult variety.   They have reduced their argument to the sum of their lady parts.  We women who like to think we are valued for our brains resent that.

H/T – NewsBusters

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