EPA Mapping Out a Water/Land Grab, Caught Wet-Handed by Republican Lawmakers


The EPA is up to their usual dirty tricks in the name of a clean environment, attempting to grant themselves control over all land in the United States that comes in contact with water. Any type of water is endangered or a danger without their bureaucratic oversight and all land must be granted a use permit by a government egghead to keep the irresponsible American public safe from themselves.

Republican lawmakers, notably Senators David Vitter of Louisiana, Jeff Sessions of Alabama and John Barrasso of Wyoming have been suspicious of the EPA for quite some time, questioning their motives as well as their methods. The latest EPA power grab has many other now asking similar questions.

While the EPA has denied that they are attempting to manipulate the Clean Water Act in the expansion of their power into what is in essence, dominion over all land in the nation, the Republicans have discovered proof to the contrary.

Shortly after announcing their latest regulatory power grab, the EPA paid private contractors to put together detailed maps of the waterways and wetlands in all of the fifty states. Adding to the concern is the fact that the EPA suspiciously has kept the existence of the maps a tightly held secret.

Rep Lamar Smith of Texas, chairman of the Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee  voiced his concerns in a letter to EPA Chief Gina McCarthy, saying, “These maps show the EPA’s plan: to control a huge amount of private property across the country.”

He added, “Given the astonishing picture they paint, I understand the EPA’s desire to minimize the importance of these maps, but the EPA’s posturing cannot explain away the alarming content of these documents.”

Naturally, the EPA is denying what it appears they are doing. If they admit what they are up to, they would be stopped and likely arrested. The EPA contends that the maps were in fact first created during the Bush administration to identify “waters that would be vulnerable” in the wake of a 2001 Supreme Court case. The agency said the maps were updated again after a 2006 Supreme Court decision on EPA water authority.

Saying that something was initiated under either of the globalist, UN-friendly Bush administrations can in no way be taken as a reassurance.

An EPA spokeswoman went on to say, “Let us be very clear – these maps have nothing to do with EPA’s proposed rule or any other regulatory purpose. EPA’s proposed rulemaking was initiated as a result of these Supreme Court cases, and seeks to protect only those waters that significantly impact health and quality of downstream waters used by America’s communities, farms and businesses for drinking, recreation, and a healthy economy.”

Health, quality and downstream are very subjective terms, easily manipulated by bureaucrats such as those at EPA who have elevated deceptive language to an art form. They also identified every possible use for water in their supposed guarantee of appropriate safeguards on the breadth of their possible regulatory authority.

The EPA, in providing their denial, failed to answer a basic core question asked by Smith. “If they didn’t plan to use the maps for their power grab, what was the purpose of the expenditure of the taxpayer’s dollars?”

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us