Encountering The Sharia Police: Muslim Vigilantes On Patrol


It seems that our friends across the pond have a few Islamic type vigilantes who have taken it upon themselves to try to enforce Sharia Law where is it not the law of the land.

The self-styled “Sharia Police” have been patrolling an area around the[German] city [of Wuppertal] main train station, declaring the popular nightlife area to be a “Sharia Controlled Zone”. Deutshe Welle reports that witnesses have seen them handing out leaflets urging people not to drink alcohol, attend concerts, gamble, watch pornography or visit prostitutes.

Oh, yeah that’s a way to win friends.  Tell people going out and looking for a good time to cease and desist.  Claiming territory for their own in an area that’s really not their property – in America, we call that gang activity.

The men are believed to be from the Salafi sect of Islam, which is closely related to the puritanical Wahhabi belief practised in Saudi Arabia. They walk around dressed in orange high-visibility vests with the words “Sharia Police” written on the back in English.

So, the Sharia pushers are walking around wearing safety vests and didn’t even bother to print the name of their bullying club in the language of the people they are trying to convince to not have a good time?  Oh, yeah, that’s going to go over well.  Not that a decent number of Germans don’t know English, but if one is trying to convince the people of a foreign land to give up their ways and follow another system, it’s only polite to learn and use their language.  This is how Jesuit missionaries managed to convert so many Native Americans.  It was a matter of respect.

The city’s real police said they stopped 11 men aged between 19 and 33 on Wednesday night, and may bring charges of illegal assembly against them. However, after numerous residents complained to them, they have now also set up a hotline allowing people to report their concerns about the group.


Local police chief Birgitta Rademacher said that provocation and intimidation “won’t be tolerated”, adding that only officers appointed by the state had the right to act as police in Germany.


The city’s mayor, Peter Jung, supported the police’s stance: “These people’s intention is to provoke and intimidate and force their ideology [upon others],” he said.


“This is an open and tolerant city, which is proud of the fact that people of different religions and convictions live together in peace.”

Oh, goodie.  Another western city proud of its “open tolerance” where everyone is supposed to COEXIST in peace with members of a “religion” where the main goal is to convert the infidel.  If conversion doesn’t happen, the infidel must die.  Yep, that’s tolerance at its best.  It should be obvious by now that these sort of Islamists have no desire to live peacefully side by side people of other faiths.  And that they are not taking no for an answer when the subjects of their unwanted benevolence ask them to move on.

It seems that the same sort of groups are cropping up in France.  If there was any doubt that the passionate, young, and very faithful members of Islam want to convert the rest of us to their way of living, creative efforts like the “Sharia Police” should put that to rest.  They aren’t giving up.  They want us to convert.

After they pry the martini and the romance novel from my dead, cold hands.

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