Emperor Of America? Change Obama Wants!

image On February 14, 2013 Obama said he was the President of the United States not the Emperor of the United States. Just two weeks earlier he said he was no king and is required to follow the law. Congress passes law and the executive branch enforces the law. Well the president is not enforcing the laws he is breaking them. The men and women who ignore this lawlessness by Obama are just as guilty as the emperor we have in place. How many laws must Obama break before someone grows a pair and starts drawing up articles of impeachment.

Senator Graham of Texas said it’s dangerous to impeach Obama. Well it’s more dangerous not to impeach him. There are first graders in school watching everything we do and how we handle criminals. As a child I always knew the laws of this country pertain to everyone. I watched Nixon resign which confirmed nobody is above our laws. On November 4, 2014 the American people spoke. They were not democrat nor republican because on that day they were Americans. Sick and tired of the lies, deceit, and treason taking place in our home. There should be 535 law makers sitting in front of their desk drawing up articles of impeachment.

It’s about time for a few politicians to put their neck out for this country. They might find that the American people will stand behind anyone willing to stand up to a traitor. There isn’t one person bigger than this country and its time we prove it. This is not about Obama it’s about our country. The President of the United States is not above our laws and must be impeached for the many crimes he has committed. If you don’t hold this man accountable he becomes the emperor of the United States of America. God bless each and everyone of you, and may He forever bless this Nation… Semper Fi, Shep