Ebola Scare Is A Distraction… From What You Should Be Concerned With…

image                                                     Ebola was first identified in 1976. From 1976 until December of 2013 there have been 23 outbreaks with a total of 1716 deaths worldwide. The most recent outbreak began in December of 2013 with a total of 4555 deaths. Why is it just now receiving so much attention? Why hasn’t the news covered this virus in the past? Because the media is being used to create a smoke screen, and cause panic. Shepard Smith was right when he said you should worry more about the flu than you should Ebola. I totally agree with him on this one, and this is why. The flu kills over 36,000 people a year. More people will die with the flu this year than have died with Ebola in 38 years. The Enterovirus kills an estimated 60,000 kids worldwide annually, and is on the rise in this country. Some believe it’s because of our open borders, and the flood of dreamers rolling in. This administration doesn’t want you thinking about that. Our children are dying because of this virus while they distract us with the Ebola virus.

Thomas Duncan boarded a plane on September 19th from Liberia  to Dallas. The air was shared by every passenger on that plane. If this manufactured epidemic were true everyone on that plane would be sick. Anyone who has ever flown knows you share the same air throughout your flight. This man was in Dallas for nine days before he was admitted into the hospital. For over a week he moved around freely coming into contact with countless people. It’s just one of the many smokescreens to distract you from what’s really going on. How do you get a large number of Jihadists into this country successfully? You send a traitor like John Kerry down south and pass out fliers. Then when the dreamers start heading in, you slip in members of ISIS, while keeping everyone distracted by Ebola.

Plans for Jihad have been made for over twenty years. People including myself have said Obama was incompetent, and not qualified to lead our country. I now believe he is extremely smart, and knows exactly what he is doing. In my article “The Darkest Days Of Treason” I spoke of a few department heads that our president appoints. Well let’s discuss a few more if you don’t mind. The head of the CDC which is The Center for Disease Control is appointed by Obama. The head of the FCC is appointed by non other than Obama. That explains why you never hear about babies being murdered by ISIS in Iraq. Reporters are no longer able to do their jobs because the news is controlled by Obama. Not directly but if he is going to appoint someone it will be someone who he can control. If a few reporters from ABC, CBS, or NBC tried to do a story on Jihadists in America they would have to send their resume to Fox News. Obama told us he had no strategy for ISIS. Then he tells us they are not Islam, and begins a bombing campaign that was a joke. He was only approving midnight bombing runs that had to get his approval. I bet there were no casualties, and the buildings were empty. Ebola is a distraction needed to distract us from what’s going on.

Most departments in our government have bosses that were appointed by Obama. This man has proven he has no love for this country, and his actions are destroying us. This man and a few others in Washington are traitors, and should be tried for treason. He is a jihadist and he is answering the call for Jihad. Al Qaeda is making final preparations for a war the world has never seen. This will not be an attack killing thousands like before. This will be war that will kill tens of millions in a matter of days. His Muslim Brothers from the brotherhood know every detail of this country. Obama appointed them into the Dept of Homeland Security. While they have you worried about Ebola they are slipping ISIS in. Many readers have asked me what they can do? Go to your local representative and tell them to read “The Dark Days Of Treason” then do their jobs. Flood their phone lines , and don’t let up. Tell them we have a potential Obama crisis that could kill millions. God bless each and everyone of you, and may God forever bless this world… Semper Fi, Shep